overstock o‧ver‧stock [ˌəʊvəˈstɒk ǁ ˌoʊvərˈstɑːk] verb [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE
if a business or shop overstocks, or overstocks a part or product, it has more in stock than it needs for production or more than it is likely to sell:

• The shop overstocked in the period before Christmas.

— overstock [ˈəʊvəstɒk ǁ ˈoʊvərstɑːk] noun [countable, uncountable] :

• The company publishes garden and art books and resells other publishers' overstock.

— overstocking noun [uncountable] :

• The new order processing system cuts costs by avoiding overproduction and overstocking.

* * *

overstock UK US /ˌəʊvəˈstɒk/ verb [I or T]
COMMERCE to have or buy more goods or supplies than are needed: »

The company is being forced to overstock in order to avoid empty shelves caused by distribution failures.

overstock (sth) with sth »

The shop is overstocked with shoes.

overstock UK US /ˈəʊvəstɒk/ noun [C or U]
COMMERCE goods or supplies which are more than you need: an overstock of sth »

We're trying to sell off our overstock of calendars.


Factory shops allow manufacturers and retailers to take control of their own overstocks.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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